My duty as your veterinarian is to provide the higest quality of medical and surgical care for your pet. Although you may present your pet because of a single problem I can assure you that all organ systems will be evaluated very carefully during our examination process. We will use some basic diagnostic tests initially, which will help us finding a diagnosis. The information we obtain will then be shared with you and suggestions for further tests may be recommended. Once a diagnosis is made, a thorough treatment plan will then be discussed with you in detail.

After my training at the university in Munich and Zurich, I worked in the division for small animal surgery at the clinic of the university in Zurich. My travelling abroad to Switzerland, Canada and the United States has allowed me to gain a tremendous amount of new information and experiences that will help me serve the needs of all pets that come under my care. My goal is to continue to expand my knowledge related to innovative diagnostics and treatments in the field of small animal medicine and surgery. I will ensure a complete service to you and your pet by providing specialized consultations when necessary and more sophisticated diagnostic tests, treatment opinions, and surgical services as needed.