The practice is equipped with a high frequency x-ray. This allows a detailed presentation of fractures of extremities and abnormal alterations within abdomen and chest. We are able to generate official photographs for HD (hip dysplasia) and ED (ellbow dysplasia) examinations for breeders, associations and - if requested - for contrast medium studies.

We collaborate with different laboratories, which are able to generate blood counts promptly. This allows us to check all organs regarding their functionality. Blood check without differential, urine and feaces checks as well as cytologic examinations and abortin tests can be analyzed in the practice directly. Biospies can be taken under ultrasound control.

The sonographic examination of kidney, liver, heart and gastrointestinal tract allows the presentation of the consistence and structure of the organs. During ultrasound specimens can be taken safely and pregnancy examinations can be performed easiliy.

The inhalation of anasthesia allows a gentle anasthesia - ideal for patiens of all ages and different states of health -  and guarantees a reliable anasthesia for surgeries. A sedative is given through a central venous catheter before intubation of the animal. Thus level and duration of anasthesia can be controlled. Besides the personal by the vet, the respivet and and the pulsoxymeter guarantee a permanet monitoring. Pharmaceuticals can be given directly by the central venous catheter. Especially for pets the inhalation anasthesia has provide its value. Even very small  pets with a body weight of 25g can be anasthestized.

During most anasthesias an ECG is used for heart rhythm control. Short- term ECGs can be performed in the praxis, a long-term 24 h ECG can be performed and evaluated with assistance of Dr. Verena Butz. Blood pressure is measured calmly for several times and a mean value is determed out of all measurements.

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